How to Mix and Match with a Long T-Shirt?

As you know, the fashion industry is very diverse, every year 1 or more new fashion trends are born and they are enthusiastically welcomed by fashionistas around the world. Therefore, it can be seen that this field is extremely rich and the creativity of people is limitless. When you have tried the sophisticated fashion trends, there are times when you will want to “back to basics” with the t-shirt, jeans personality but still full of elegance. Especially in this fall-winter, long t-shirts and long sleeve t-shirts  are products that your wardrobe must have. How to make long sleeve t-shirts more attractive? Follow the article below!

How to Mix and Match with a Long T-Shirt

Why Should You Have at Least One Long Sleeve T-Shirt for Women?

First, make sure to mention the criteria of ease of purchase and ease of use. You can find women’s long-sleeve t-shirts in almost any fashion store. Moreover, with a simple and sophisticated design, you can easily transform with many styles: Feminine, lovely to dynamic, disruptive, you can create different looks depending on the flexible layout.

A plus point for this type of t-shirt is that it never goes out of fashion at any time. You also don’t have to worry if a long t-shirt is right for you. Because it is not necessarily picky about the wearer, but always reasonable for all target audiences. Whether it’s a combination of a long-sleeve t-shirt with a skirt, jeans or shorts… you still look attractive and decent.

Ways to Coordinate Long-Sleeved T-Shirts Women’s Trending in 2021

Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Shorts

Under the cold early winter weather, a beautiful long-sleeved women’s t-shirt combined with shorts will make you more personal and healthy in the eyes of everyone around. Usually, the weather is just a bit chilly in the morning, noon and afternoon, so it’s still sunny, so you don’t need to worry about unreasonable worries about the weather.

You can combine a plain long-sleeved women’s t-shirt with a pair of jeans shorts in two contrasting tones to make the outfit stand out and have more accents.

If you want to be more innovative and impressive, change it up a bit by letting half of your shirt in front of the pants mark and letting go of the back flap. Mixing a few cool and cool accessories such as high boots and a lovely bag will increase your charm and confidence if you are a girl with personality.

The Perfect Combination of Long-Sleeved T-Shirt and Baggy Pants

Are you feeling bored with wearing monotonous jeans and t-shirts? Try to refresh yourself in the style of mixing long-sleeved women’s t-shirts with baggy pants!

Your outfit will be much more impressive when combined with a chic blazer and heels to make it more elegant. So, you also have one more suggestion for office clothes that are definitely discreet, trendy without losing the charm.

Women’s Long-Sleeved Shirt with Pleated Skirt

Do you want to stylize Korean school fashion? If so, surely your wardrobe will not be complete without pleated skirts. Mix it with long-sleeve shirts for a very pretty and cute look.

The Hidden Short Fashion

The hidden short fashion is one of the ways to coordinate clothes enthusiastically promoted by a lot of celebrities and actresses in Hollywood. Up to now, “hiding pants” is still a very popular style and has become one of the fashion styles that cannot be ignored by Asia’s youth.

Long-sleeved t-shirt with a wide form is one of the best choices when you use the fashion to hide your pants. With a wide, hip-length design, this shirt has the ability to simply turn short shorts into “invisible”. However, when wearing this style, you also need to pay attention that you should not choose shorts that are too short. Because it will easily cause objections and create misunderstandings. In addition, you should also choose t-shirts that are cut off or have textures at the collar, sleeves, etc.. to create a captivating look.

Final Thought

You have a long sleeve t-shirt women’s in your closet, but you don’t know how to mix and match it to look trendy? So please save the tips for coordinating the outfit above. Hope the above information will be useful to you guys. Thank you for following this post.

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