All You Need to Know about SNS Dip Powder Manicure

Every woman loves to have clean, beautifully manicured nails. Rightly so, because people focus on women’s hands quite often. Well-groomed nails give a neat look to the hands and the overall personality of a woman. If you are a nail art lover then you must know the variety of options available in the market. You can get simple acrylic nail paints, gel nail polishes, and dip powder. Acrylic nail polishes have lost their charm because of their lower durability. However, the market for gel nail polish and dip powders is growing day by day.

While gel nail polishes offer a variety of benefits, dip powders exceed gel nail polishes in many ways. You can easily get your hands on the best quality dip powders from SNS nails wholesale and apply them at home. If you do not know much about dip powder manicure, here is a quick guide for you.

Advantages Of Using Dip Powder

If you are confused about whether to get a dip powder manicure or not, here are a few benefits that might help you make an informed decision.

Easy Application

Dip powders are very easy to apply as compared to gel nail polishes. You have to dip your fingers in the powder till you get the desired color. After that, just apply the activation coat and let the nails air dry. Whereas, gel nail paint requires UV light or LED light treatment to dry and adhere to the nails.

Longer Lasting Time

Dip powders last longer than gel paints. Gel nail polishes usually last for two to three weeks, if cared for properly. Whereas, dip powders utilize a strong adhesive material, a polymer used in superglues, therefore they adhere stronger to the nails, making them last longer.

Looks Ravishing

There is no debate on the fact that nails cured with dip powder look ravishing. It gives an elegant, yet fashionable look to the nails and hands.

Cons Of Using Dip Powder

While there are many irresistible benefits of using dip powder, you may also want to know a few struggles you might have to face using this manicure treatment.

Potential Damage To The Nails

Dip powders have the potential of damaging the nails. While the powder itself is not damaging, the way women remove them may cause temporary, or in extreme cases permanent, damage to the nails. Dip powders need to be removed carefully and with patience. Excess filing, over-dipping in acetone may make your nails weak. This does not mean, gel nail paints are the better option. Because they have the equal potential of damaging the nails, as they require the same removal procedure.

Difficulty in Nail Art

Since dip powder dries in the air, it is difficult to do nail art that requires time. It might happen that your design is not complete yet and the powder dries out. On the other hand, gel nail paints have the benefit of allowing more time to make designs, since they need light therapy to dry. In the air, a gel paint will remain wet.

Potential Health Risks

SNS dip powder and gel paints pose equal health risks to the person using either of these procedures. Gel paints require UV light to cure. UV light is not damaging to the nails, but fingers and hands are at potential risk. Overexposure to UV rays may cause skin cancer. But this is only possible if you treat your nails with gel nail polish regularly, without any break.

Dip powders have two potential health risks. First, the user may get an allergic reaction to the powder chemicals. Secondly, if the powder jar is shared between two different people, it may pose a risk of contamination.

Hard to Remove

Lastly, dip powder is harder to remove as compared to gel nail polish. While the procedure is the same for both treatments, you have to file the top coat first. Then keep your fingers dipped in acetone solution long enough to let the paint or powder dissolve. But gel paints may dissolve quicker as compared to dip powder. The adhesive used in dip powder, cyanoacrylate, is very strong and needs time to break the bond with the nails.

Cost Of Dip powder Manicure

It is difficult to tell the exact amount of money to get a dip powder manicure since it varies from salon to salon. Also, it depends upon the quality of SNS dips and the application procedure. However, dip powder manicures are usually costly.


Concluding the above discussion, it can be said that dip powder is a good option for you if you can afford it and if you are very patient but crazy about your nails. A true nail art lover will never let a chance go to waste if she is offered a dip powder manicure.

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