Dip Powder Nails

You always need to have perfectly finished nails after getting an expensive manicure, but what happens is that you need to take a lot of care of your fresh manicure so that the nail polish would not get chipped or cracked.

No matter how hard you try it is obvious to get cracked and chipped nails after a few days if you have to work for some chores.

That is the reason dip powder nails are on their way as the best possible options for busy ladies who need to have strong, neat looking nails even after weeks of manicure without cracking and chipping issues.

lds nail

Dip powder nails make use of EA bond, top coat and base coat along with the perfectly refined powder color into which the nails are dipped and you can feel the richness and smoothness on your nail after the application.

Another plus point of using dip powder nails is that it provides strong color, and deep texture while strengthening the nail and give a tough yet shiny coat on the nails that would not get chipped or cracked even after 2-3 weeks of application.

The application is easy and you can easily get the perfect color and results on your nails while doing it yourself.

It is also important to know that SNS dip powder nails provide perfect French white looks and natural pink nail tips with the flawless application using the French molds as well. So you can get the effortless experience when working with French nails manicure at home.

Among the many brands that off the high-quality dip powder nails system, the Lavis dip powder system and OPI offers the most admirable results when you need perfect shiny nails that would not disappoint yours for up to 3 weeks of time.

LDS dip powder nail system

LDS dip powder system offers a range of dipping powder nail colors that include glittery and shiny nail dip powder for perfect party looks on nails. You may also find perfect pink and French white if you are in need of a strong shiny yet natural look on your nails. The application process is simple and effortlessly provides you with professional results.

There are other colors include the deep red, brown, orange, and other trendy colors which may suit your needs and give you a perfect look on the application. Along with the a wide range of dipping powder colors you may also find the EA bond solution or liquid, the brush save lds liquid, top coat, base coat and sealer dry to ensure you will have no issues in giving your nails the best professional treatment at home with the quality finish you only get in a salon or expert nail care parlor.

OPI dip powder system

OPI is another yet one of the best options if you are looking for the smooth and shiny dip powder nail colors. You can also find their wide range of nail dipping powder that is available in light pink, natural colors, and French white. You may also find glitter based, deep and dark colors for keeping your nails up to date with the favorite colors of yours and get the looks that will surely rock your overall look.

The dip powder system by OPI also offers a complete set of essentials that include the required dip powder, the top and base coat liquids, EA bond and brush saving liquid so that you can perform the dip powder nail treatment in an effortless and perfectly managed way.

In order to get the best shape and application of the dip powder on your nails, you may need to get a powder brush for sprinkling and dusting powder after you dip your nail and take out of the powder that helps in giving refined look on the nails.

Application of the quality nail dip powder is easy with the right products and essentials or accessories. You just need to be sure that you will be able to apply the dip powder in the right ways as prescribed by the manufacturer in order to get the perfect shiny look and the nails that will retain its color for up to 3 weeks without getting chipped or damaged by external factors.

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