Classy OPI Gel Nail Colors to Try Out

OPI gel nail polish is one of the best brands available in the beauty industry. OPI has a wide variety of colors you can choose from, according to your taste. It offers up to 3 weeks of intense shine and long-lasting wear and is sure to change your nail routine.

OPI gel polish is also called gelcolor Soak-off gel lacquer and is of different types and shades. This gel polish formula comprises a coat of colored gel similar to regular nail polish. It has a brush-on formula that gives high performance and a glossy finish, unlike traditional nail polish.

OPI gel color lasts as long as three weeks. If you’re a lover of the latest trends with nail manicures, shapes, and colors, you’ll love OPI gel nail colors. The significant difference between a regular acrylic manicure and gel nails is the curing process. For each cycle of a gel manicure, you cure the paint and set the gel nail polish by placing the nails under an LED light.

OPI gel color

OPI Gel color has no adverse effect on your nail bed; instead, it makes it stronger. It only gets damaged if the client peels it off or forces the manicure out using an e-file. You can get some OPI gel nail color formulas at retail stores, but you can buy OPI gel polish online on the OPI website or through nail salons and other vendors. When you use OPI nail polish, you are assured you are getting a gel manicure that lasts a long time.

OPI nail polish is arguably one of the best polish brands as it can boast a wide variety of nail polish colors. It’s pretty impressive to know that OPI has over 100+ unique nail colors. You’ll find a variety of beautiful OPI nail colors that will get you stuck to your nail manicure. Are you wondering why lovers of the OPI nail polish colors are obsessed? Find out below.

Top OPI Gel Nail Colors

Bubble Bath OPI Gel color

The OPI bubble bath color is a good match for all lovers of neutrals. This color is a demure shade described as a sweet candy pink color by the OPI brand.

Big Apple Red OPI color

The big apple red shade nail polish is one of the brand’s iconic versions of the red hue. The color is commanding and enticing,  a rich color that inspires passion.

Tickle My France-y OPI nail polish color

The Tickle My France-y nail color from OPI is a top favorite because of its catchy name and the classy way to the beautiful location. The OPI brand describes this color as naughty color.

Alpine Snow OPI nail color

The Alpine Snow is the perfect shade for you if you’re looking for a crisp white nail polish color for winter.

I’m Not Really a Waitress OPI polish

This OPI gel is an undisputed favorite. It is a cute wine-red color that’s sure to capture anyone that sees it.

Princesses Rule OPI Polish

The princesses rule pink shade is a top OPI gel polish. It is a glittery pink shade, one of the most wanted hues from the brand.

You Don’t Know Jacques OPI nail polish

This nail polish shade is a gray classy taupe shade, a solution for lovers of neutral polish but a bit twisted.

Malaga Wine OPI nail polish

The Malaga Wine is an intoxicating nail polish hue, a vino-inspired color, making it an all-time best for everyone.

Cajun Shrimp OPI nail polish

The Cajun shrimp is a favorite OPI color for most users. It is a coral design, just a bit sophisticated.

Funny Bunny OPI nail polish color

This nail polish color is a white shade, a soft hue similar to the Alpine snow but a classic all the same. 


These OPI gel nail colors are affordable and classy. You can’t go wrong with anyone. Enjoy long-lasting shine and healthier nails with OPI gel nails. Try out one of these OPI gel color on your next salon trip. Visit the OPI website to buy OPI nail polish online and pick your favorite colors from the OPI gel color line. Explore the wide range of OPI products at the best prices in the market. Grab this opportunity to wear one of the best nail polish brands in the industry. Give your nails a new look, one that will not only last but will give you a classy look and flawless finish for less. Get one of these OPI gel nail polish colors for yourself today!

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