Is Gelixir Gel Safe for Nails?

Looking forward to a blazing shine on your nails by painting them with a gel nail polish? But don’t know which is a safer gel formula for your nails’ health? After testing gel nail polishes from various brands, I’ve tried to give gelixir gel a try. And to my satisfaction, it proved the best decision ever. I not only acquired a relatively long-lasting manicure look but also it causes less rip along with glass-like sheen.

Is Gelixir Gel Safe For Nails?

The gelixir gel base and the top pair are the right mixture for your nails to look like a salon completed with a professional touch. The pair offers a base coat to be applied on the filed nails and the topcoat is put on to give a finishing shine following the curing and drying of the gel nail paint. The luxurious fabric wraps and protects the nails. The top gel coat remains in form and will not wear quickly.

Now you might want to know how gelixir Nail Polish is different from other gel nail polish formulae. Walkthrough with me and know why gelixir is superior to many other brands.

Regular Gel nail polish vs Gelixir Gel Polish

Skin scratching and cracking can result in gel manicures and recurring use may raise the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging on the hands. Current usage can create a clot fragility, peel and break. The danger of skin cancer and premature skin aging on the hand can also increase repeated use.

Gelixir is a high-quality nail polish with good brilliance. For gelixir nail polish, the cure procedure consists of UV/LED lamps that cure and dry your nails in a few minutes. It doesn’t chip, it’s extremely applicable and takes a long time. Gelixir gel nail polish contains a high glitter that may last without peeling or cracking for as long as three weeks.

If you opt for regular manis, you must know that every type of nail polish formula can “lead to dehydration and thinning of nail plate”. So, rest assured to let your nails breathe in between gel manicures.

In the gelixir nail system, there are several colors. For gelixir nail polish, the application procedure is faster and slender. The price of polished gelixir nails may be afforded. Gel polish is one of the most wanted items for the attractiveness of fingernails.

Dos and Don’ts of Gelixir Gel Polish

Gel polish users typically tear off the polishing of their gel. Usually, they remove their nail when the color begins to peel, which allows the water to penetrate the nail. When they peel and when it begins to peel, your nail may contain bacteria and fungi, which may take time for you to recover. But gel nail polishing is safe for a long time as it is easy to apply and remove. It causes harm to the nails if you skin them vigorously.

It is easier to maintain glossy nails than to keep them. The removal process is typically unpleasant when not correctly done. Nail plate scraping with a file may inflict more harm than you know after you have been treated with acetone. Check out your gel polishing professional support or see a professional.

A gel is an ideal choice for you if you wish to develop natural nails. Your nails are provided with a protective coating that prevents nail rupture. But one big reversal of gel polish is that it may take the salon to be removed.

You should moisturize your nails. Moisturizing is as important as for your body system, so should you remove your nails? When you visit your manicurist, practice nail hydration. It helps to maintain the health of your clots.

Gelixir nail polish is brilliant and is a favorite time for fans of the nail, including nail salons and other manicure treatments, according to Nail paint reviews. Another fascinating element of gelixir nail paint is that when you want to undertake jobs, there is no risk of peeling. Gelixir gel nail polish offers unique materials, which with a broad variety of colors give you fantastic nails.

How to apply Gelixir Gel Polish

Cap on the entire nail, and apply 2 thin layers of gelixir color.

Over the base coat, gelixir must be used.

Cure each coat for 2 minutes under UV radiation and 30 seconds under the LED light.

Soak-overs gel removal process with acetone cannot be much easier.

The other ‘processes’ of drying are extensive without the quality of results you expect while you can apply gel nail polish without UV light. The gel dries rapidly and without fail with UV light. You can’t air it, as it’s going to be fluffy or smudge.


Sally Hansen, Butter London, and many other brands are providing amazing and safer gel nail polishes. But in terms of budget, gelixir beats many brands including them, too.

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