The Ultimate Makeup Guide to Address All Oily Skin Issues

Do you have oily skin? Are you also tired of the numerous skin problems you come across on a daily basis? Is applying makeup also a difficult task for you? Well, worry no more. Don’t think that the problems your oily skin faces will be able to stop you from looking attractive. You deserve to look beautiful no matter what your skin type is. Here is the ultimate makeup guide which will not only give you an extraordinary glam but will also fix the problems of your oily skin.

Makeup Guide to Address Oily Skin Issues

What typical problems are faced during makeup on oily skin?

The major problem faced by oily skin is ofcourse, the sebum breakouts. This factor is the root cause of all the other issues. The excessively accumulated oil makes it very favorable for all the bacteria to grow on your skin and as a result you can develop acne quite easily. The oil deposits also make it very difficult for the makeup to set on your skin. It washes away quickly leaving patchy surfaces on your face. Also, the shiny layer on your face is not at all the vibe you look for while doing your makeup. The matte finish which is desirable while applying makeup is not at all achieved with oily skin.

How to let the foundation set perfectly

The main issue with oily skin is that the foundation washes off very quickly. This problem can be very easily solved. Nowadays, the BB creams for oily skin are very conveniently available. These give a perfect base for makeup. You can apply a good concealer afterwards. The combination of these two products is perfect for oily skin. After this, you can apply a loose or compact powder to top the base. Powder seals off the makeup by closing the open pores of oil glands. If you want to apply highlighter afterwards, do not go for a liquid one, rather apply a dry and loose highlighting powder on the desired spots of your face.

How to avoid excessive sweat after applying makeup

To avoid excessive sweating or oil production, there are few things that can help you.

Firstly, make sure all your products are of matte nature. These give a dry and even look to the skin and prevent glossy appearance.

Secondly, do not use occlusive products because they trigger oil production and sweat.

None of the products should be oily or greasy because they’ll add to the already sweaty skin texture. This will worsen the skin’s condition.

The final touch up to seal the makeup in its place

The final and most important step for a good makeup look is to set it perfectly. This is where a makeup setting spray for oily skin will help you out. It will fix every applied product in its place and won’t let the produced sebum affect your skin. Spray from a distance of a few inches from your skin and let it dry completely. Forget about any worries of oily skin as your skin is all set for the rest of the day.


Now that you know all the tips and tricks to control the excessive oils of your skin, I think half of your life’s problems would have been solved. Oily skin seems very hard to tackle but honestly, it isn’t that bad. You just need to know the basics of how to handle your breakouts and make minor modifications in your daily makeup routine. Once you are done with this, you are good to go. I hope our guide will help you with all the difficulties you come across while doing makeup.

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