Bring out Your Romantic Side with Glittery Heart Nail Art Idea

The cute and pleasing shape of heart makes it a symbol of love and affection. Every girl loves these small details and you can see them in their outfits, accessories and even their nails. Nail art with hearts is a perfect choice when you want your nails to look romantic and lovely. Heart nail designs are not only for Valentine’s Day. You can also create cute hearts on your nails when you fell romantic and in love every day.  And if you don’t want to use pink and red, you can very well use pastel colours and it will look just as cute. Below is a list of glittery heart nail designs that you can do to your nails even if February is still months away.

Glittery Heart Nail Art

1. Three Hearts on a Glittered Nail

The secret to achieving this magnificent look is by covering nails with LDS Black List first to highlight the pastel hearts. Then by using a white polish, draw heart shapes on the nails before coating them with nail dipping powder. In this case, we use LDS D117 Plum Pagoda, LDS D94 Refresh and LDS D109 A hint of sky. To finish the look, coat the remaining part with white DND gel before coating it with LDS D147 Simpler is sweeter for the glittery effect.

2. Three Hearts on a Glittered Nail V.2.0

Just like the first steps, you will be using the same set of products. But instead of creating three small hearts, create two big ones and the third heart is inside the other one. It follows the same procedure but creates a completely different look.

3. Vintage Pink Hearts on Coral Blue Nails

The beautiful hue of light blue goes really well with the pinks to create a vintage looking nail art. The addition of the heart shapes just tops it all off! It looks absolutely adorable. You can either create big hearts or small ones, it’s up to you and if you want to add extra vintage touch, add some polka dots of yellow.

4. One Heart Is All You Need

Let’s not overcrowd things or make them too complicated. This is cute and super simple. If you’re an appreciator of anything minimalistic, then this one is for you. You can use LDS D76 Mint my mind as basecoat and LDS D117 Plum Pagoda for the single heart on the center to stay with the pastel motif but you can also recreate this on white basecoat like LDS French White and LDS D100 Bloody Mary for the heart and for sure your nails will be ready for any occasion. This look will not appear to be out of season because red and white is always a classic combination. Wear this on  a casual day of white shirt and jeans and you’ll have the coolest casual look.

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