How to Get a Healthy Bald Head Using Organic Products

Bald and shaved head is one of the most attractive and trending hairstyles being followed by men and women around the world.It might seem ironic but shampoos aren not only for people with hair. In fact, a bald head needs more care than a head covered with hair because the scalp is more exposed to environment, air, dirt, chemicals and pollutants, so using a shampoo keeps the scalp, not only clean and dirt free but also keeps it hydrated and replenished. Mostly the best shampoos for bald hair are made up of biotic ingredients. This factor makes them suitable for almost every type of skin including the most sensitive ones.

Products for Bald Heads

Benefits of Products for Bald Heads

it may seem surprising but Shampoos for bald hair are extremely beneficial.

They are very good moisturisers. They protect the scalp from dandruff, keep it free from dryness and prevent itchy and irritating scalp.

Keeping the scalp moisturized, these products prevent build up of scars and rashes Leaving the scalp fresh, smooth, radiant and shiny.

The best quality shampoos and lotions for bald head should possess the following features:

It should contain a combination of both natural oils and plant-derived oils such as olive oil, Almond oil and grape seed oil. These oils combine to form the perfect moisturiser for bald head.

The product should be non-comedogenic. It means it should be highly penetrating and must not form clogs in the pores of epidermis.This moisturiser could also be used on feet, cuticle and nails.

If the product contains Aloe Vera, it works effectively to prevent drying out of skin as aloe vera allows in maintaining the skin’s moisture content. It keeps the scalp itching free. This moisturizing lotion could also be used as an after shave to heal inflammation and burns caused by razor.

The product should be fast acting and easy to use which means it should take maximum 1 to 2 minutes to work perfectly.

If the formulation contains green tea extract, it will help in getting rid of clogged pores and acne.

It should be able to protect the scalp from harmful Ultra violet A and B radiations because a bald head is completely exposed to every type of radiation. A formulation containing SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen could possibly do the task.

It is important to know that oily sebum and dirt can accommulate in tiny pores on the bald scalp, so using a shampoo can get the scalp free from the build up clogs. Follow up the shower routine with a moisturiser or best bald head lotion can keep the head free of flakes.

Use a lotion that stimulates blood circulation to the scalp. This increased blood flow will promote healthy hair growth.

Products to Be Avoided from Being Used on Bald Heads

It is better to avoid using soap,body wash or shower gel on bald head because they can cause formation of flakes and production of dandruff.

Avoid using products with high chemical content.

Avoid using product having any ingredients you are allergic to.


A person might be having a bald head due to many reasons. This may be due to premature or genetic hair loss, balding due to age, or some men choose to shave their hair to make a unique masculine statement.

As a matter of fact, bald hair can get more attention if it is properly cared and taken care of. A shiny scalp looks much more desirable than a dry, matte scalp. A bald scalp can be easily brought back to life by reviving the natural moisture that has been lost. A dull scalp may be due to shaving implements, lack of moisture or dehydration, and over exposure to sun. Products like moisturisers, oils and waxes give a healthy glow to the dry scalp.

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