Is Gelixir Gel Safe for Nails?

Looking forward to a blazing shine on your nails by painting them with a gel nail polish? But don’t know which is a safer gel formula for your nails’ health? After testing gel nail polishes from various brands, I’ve tried to give gelixir gel a try. And to my satisfaction, it proved the best decision ever. I not only acquired a relatively long-lasting manicure look but also it causes less rip along with glass-like sheen.

Is Gelixir Gel Safe For Nails?

The gelixir gel base and the top pair are the right mixture for your nails to look like a salon completed with a professional touch. The pair offers a base coat to be applied on the filed nails and the topcoat is put on to give a finishing shine following the curing and drying of the gel nail paint. The luxurious fabric wraps and protects the nails. The top gel coat remains in form and will not wear quickly.

Now you might want to know how gelixir Nail Polish is different from other gel nail polish formulae. Walkthrough with me and know why gelixir is superior to many other brands.

Regular Gel nail polish vs Gelixir Gel Polish

Skin scratching and cracking can result in gel manicures and recurring use may raise the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging on the hands. Current usage can create a clot fragility, peel and break. The danger of skin cancer and premature skin aging on the hand can also increase repeated use.


Classy OPI Gel Nail Colors to Try Out

OPI gel nail polish is one of the best brands available in the beauty industry. OPI has a wide variety of colors you can choose from, according to your taste. It offers up to 3 weeks of intense shine and long-lasting wear and is sure to change your nail routine.

OPI gel polish is also called gelcolor Soak-off gel lacquer and is of different types and shades. This gel polish formula comprises a coat of colored gel similar to regular nail polish. It has a brush-on formula that gives high performance and a glossy finish, unlike traditional nail polish.

OPI gel color lasts as long as three weeks. If you’re a lover of the latest trends with nail manicures, shapes, and colors, you’ll love OPI gel nail colors. The significant difference between a regular acrylic manicure and gel nails is the curing process. For each cycle of a gel manicure, you cure the paint and set the gel nail polish by placing the nails under an LED light.

OPI gel color

OPI Gel color has no adverse effect on your nail bed; instead, it makes it stronger. It only gets damaged if the client peels it off or forces the manicure out using an e-file. You can get some OPI gel nail color formulas at retail stores, but you can buy OPI gel polish online on the OPI website or through nail salons and other vendors. When you use OPI nail polish, you are assured you are getting a gel manicure that lasts a long time.

OPI nail polish is arguably one of the best polish brands as it can boast a wide variety of nail polish colors. It’s pretty impressive to know that OPI has over 100+ unique nail colors. You’ll find a variety of beautiful OPI nail colors that will get you stuck to your nail manicure. Are you wondering why lovers of the OPI nail polish colors are obsessed? Find out below.

Top OPI Gel Nail Colors

Bubble Bath OPI Gel color

The OPI bubble bath color is a good match for all lovers of neutrals. This color is a demure shade described as a sweet candy pink color by the OPI brand. (more…)

Top 6 Best Starter Tattoo Machine: Choosing the Best Type and Brand for You

The art of tattooing is not as difficult as you think if you have the best equipment. For the first-timers, however, the phase of picking decent products is quite strenuous. Not only for your comfort but also the customer’s satisfaction, you need to possess the most efficient gears. Learn the differences between diverse machines, make a combination of top-notch products to compose a reliable kit, and you are all set to go.

Here are few tattoo machine for you to consider.

Salmue Shader And Liner Rotary Tattoo Machine

Amazon best-selling product B07QM8Y2B6

With a unique look, this rotary machine is made of a high-quality alloy that lets the tool perform the required job smoothly. Perfect for shading, lining, and coloring, the rotary machine has resistance to high temperature and quick thermal diffusion.

As the tool can work for 8 hours continuously on low power, you will have an interrupted experience every time. The best thing about this unit is, it’s lightweight and comes at an affordable price.

Mummy Aluminium Frame Rotary Tattoo Pen

Amazon best-selling product B07R9Z3J36

The cordless rotary pen comes with an LED light and will feel like using a pen. Designed to provide maximum comfort, it doesn’t vibrate at all during the operation. If you have just stepped into the world of tattoos, this device is a must-have.

Offered by a Japanese brand, this product is reliable and could be used for a long time. As it is lightweight and compact, you will be able to enjoy inking anytime and anywhere.

Dragonhawk Brass coils Machine for Tattoo

Amazon best-selling product B01EOLUBMC

First of all, the set comes with two pieces of a liner and shader each. A 7-8V power supply is needed to run both tools, and they will give you a stable handle throughout the process. Being lightweight and easy to use, the liner-shader combo will not fail to impress you.

Dragonhawk is a known company in the tattoo industry and delivers high-class products to its customers. If quality and brand are what you seek out of your first purchase, this coil tattoo machine will not disappoint you. (more…)

Top 6 Best Lip Masks to Heal Lips Overnight for 2020

Soft, glossy and pink lips can make your overall look pulled together and give you a boost of confidence on yourself. Imagine your lips cracked or dried? No lipstick would look good on it and the entire makeup look will be disturbed. In such scenario, lip masks can act magically producing wonderful results and making your lips soft, smooth and baby pink. These masks add shine to the lips and also provide them with nourishment so the delicate skin of your lips can heal. We have enlisted few of the best lip masks to heal your lips overnight and give you the perfect pout.

MILK MAKEUP Melatonin Overnight Lip Mask

Amazon best-selling product B08CFQB5Z9

The milk makeup overnight lip mask provides instant hydration and nourishment to the lips when applied daily on clean and dry lips every night. The mask is rich in natural ingredients such as lavender and chamomile oil which soothes and relaxes the irritated lips. This gives much softer, smoother and pretty lips. The effect of hyaluronic acid and melatonin are visible within a few days of usage.

Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask Overnight Moisturizer Treatment

Amazon best-selling product B07GCGFLX8

Here is the best overnight lip treatment you have been looking for. Mamonde lip mask gives you the rosy pink, smooth and plump lips. The gentle moisturization keeps the skin soft and hydrated, allowing the broken skin to heal. It helps in restoration of lip health and makes them nourished. The butter extracts locks the moisture and allows them to glow. A small amount of the product is enough to be applied before bed.

Moisturizing Green Tea Matcha Sleeping Lip Mask

Amazon best-selling product B01MY3OF6S

Matcha moisturizing lip mask is a multiple acting product which nourishes, exfoliates, heals and treats the cracked and broken skin. It has a powerful and carefully chosen combination of natural oils which are perfect to soothe out the irritated lips and restore the lost moisture. The product is non-sticky and does not cause any irritation on the skin. The final look of the lips appears natural and healthy. (more…)

Top 6 Best Push Up Bra For Small Bust 2020

Petite breasted women envy the full-busted ladies for their gorgeous figure. However, even small-busted women can flaunt a cleavage if they wear the appropriate bras that support them aptly and help their busts to look full. There are several bras for multiple purposes, from extreme padded to seamless. You just need to make sure you have them in your wardrobe and use them for the right occasion under a suitable dress.

Cabales Women’s 3-Pack Seamless Wireless Sports Bra

Amazon best-selling product B079YCLDK6

The pull-on closure bra is of imported quality and is made of ultra-smooth spandex and nylon fabric. It is versatile and offers a comfortable fit for yoga as well as a stress-free sleeping bra. Seamless construction keeps your skin from chaffing and gives extra comfort as it does not have side seams.

As there are no other closures such as hooks, clips, wire, and straps, keep all the worries away. The figure-hugging bra gives you an excellently agreeable feel.

Warner’s Women’s Cloud 9 Wirefree Triangle Bra

Amazon best-selling product B072JKP82L

This bra with contoured cups is the best bra for small wide set chest as it provides natural support and shaping to look flattering. Its lace accents are pretty, and the hook and eye closure give secured fastening to the strap.

Plunging neckline with a deep v shape makes it suitable for most of the dresses. As the fabric is super soft, you have a luxurious feel whenever you wear it. You can wear it for daily use comfortably.

SYROKAN Mesh Racerback Workout Sports Bra

Amazon best-selling product B01GCG0802

The dual-layered bra comes with a power racerback, mesh panels, and an elastic under the band. It is suitable for sports activities with a high impact, such as running. You can use it for medium-impact activities also.

As it is well ventilated on the back, your body stays dry and cool during workout. Since the elastic band offers adequate support to your breasts, they do not face shock from high impact and hence stay protected from sagging. (more…)

How to Get a Healthy Bald Head Using Organic Products

Bald and shaved head is one of the most attractive and trending hairstyles being followed by men and women around the world.It might seem ironic but shampoos aren not only for people with hair. In fact, a bald head needs more care than a head covered with hair because the scalp is more exposed to environment, air, dirt, chemicals and pollutants, so using a shampoo keeps the scalp, not only clean and dirt free but also keeps it hydrated and replenished. Mostly the best shampoos for bald hair are made up of biotic ingredients. This factor makes them suitable for almost every type of skin including the most sensitive ones.

Products for Bald Heads

Benefits of Products for Bald Heads

it may seem surprising but Shampoos for bald hair are extremely beneficial.

They are very good moisturisers. They protect the scalp from dandruff, keep it free from dryness and prevent itchy and irritating scalp.

Keeping the scalp moisturized, these products prevent build up of scars and rashes Leaving the scalp fresh, smooth, radiant and shiny.

The best quality shampoos and lotions for bald head should possess the following features:

It should contain a combination of both natural oils and plant-derived oils such as olive oil, Almond oil and grape seed oil. These oils combine to form the perfect moisturiser for bald head.

The product should be non-comedogenic. It means it should be highly penetrating and must not form clogs in the pores of epidermis.This moisturiser could also be used on feet, cuticle and nails. (more…)

Bring out Your Romantic Side with Glittery Heart Nail Art Idea

The cute and pleasing shape of heart makes it a symbol of love and affection. Every girl loves these small details and you can see them in their outfits, accessories and even their nails. Nail art with hearts is a perfect choice when you want your nails to look romantic and lovely. Heart nail designs are not only for Valentine’s Day. You can also create cute hearts on your nails when you fell romantic and in love every day.  And if you don’t want to use pink and red, you can very well use pastel colours and it will look just as cute. Below is a list of glittery heart nail designs that you can do to your nails even if February is still months away.

Glittery Heart Nail Art

1. Three Hearts on a Glittered Nail

The secret to achieving this magnificent look is by covering nails with LDS Black List first to highlight the pastel hearts. Then by using a white polish, draw heart shapes on the nails before coating them with nail dipping powder. In this case, we use LDS D117 Plum Pagoda, LDS D94 Refresh and LDS D109 A hint of sky. To finish the look, coat the remaining part with white DND gel before coating it with LDS D147 Simpler is sweeter for the glittery effect.


Achieve the Perfect Last Minute Manicure in Few Easy Steps

Getting that perfect manicure kit is something all of us want but it is one of those things that are very hard to achieve especially if you don’t have that time to spend in your favourite salon. In that case, you might want to try some of this hacks that will let you have a beautiful manicure in about 2.5 seconds.

Perfect nails

Always File Your Nails When You Have the Chance

Filing your own nails can be done any time at any place. Sounds impossible? Well, nope it’s not. If you are the type of person who starts the day with a trip to the bathroom to handle your business, you can try to put down your phone and ignore IG for a while and pick up a nail file instead. Also, being stuck on traffic can be turned into a moment of filing your nail to the perfect shape. Or you can have 3 or 4 nails done while waiting for your train in the subway.

Remove Existing Nail Polish

Existing nail polish can make your nails look dirty so always make it a point to remove existing nail polish. The best time to do it would be prior to your shower time so you can give your nail bed a little scrubbing action.


Dip Powder Nails

You always need to have perfectly finished nails after getting an expensive manicure, but what happens is that you need to take a lot of care of your fresh manicure so that the nail polish would not get chipped or cracked.

No matter how hard you try it is obvious to get cracked and chipped nails after a few days if you have to work for some chores.

That is the reason dip powder nails are on their way as the best possible options for busy ladies who need to have strong, neat looking nails even after weeks of manicure without cracking and chipping issues.

lds nail

Dip powder nails make use of EA bond, top coat and base coat along with the perfectly refined powder color into which the nails are dipped and you can feel the richness and smoothness on your nail after the application.

Another plus point of using dip powder nails is that it provides strong color, and deep texture while strengthening the nail and give a tough yet shiny coat on the nails that would not get chipped or cracked even after 2-3 weeks of application.

The application is easy and you can easily get the perfect color and results on your nails while doing it yourself.

It is also important to know that SNS dip powder nails provide perfect French white looks and natural pink nail tips with the flawless application using the French molds as well. So you can get the effortless experience when working with French nails manicure at home. (more…)

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